Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our granddaughter Vaneza is on her way to Tanglewood!

I'm thrilled to share the happy news that our son Mike and his wife Norma's daughter, Vaneza, is on her way from Sacramento, California, to Tanglewood (near Boston) for a 6-week summer music camp. For those of you who haven't heard of the camp, Tanglewood chooses only a handful of kids throughout the entire country to participate each summer in their highly regarded music program (there were ten boys and girls nation wide -- including Vaneza -- who were chosen for the violin). Vaneza hopes to one day make her career in music. Her goal is to attend Juliard in the near future. Tanglewood is definitely a huge step in achieving that dream.

Okay, I've bragged on long enough. I know I shouldn't, but do you know of one single proud grandma who could keep this kind of news a secret?

Just wish my husband Bob and I could make the trip Back East to hear our beautiful Vaneza play with the rest of the youth orchestra. Oh, well, maybe when she makes Juliard!

By the way, Vaneza has two sisters and a brother who play a pretty mean fiddle, as well. Melissa, Danielle and Mikey. They're pretty darn good on the piano, too. And there's a five-year-old little sister, Scarlet Emma, who already shows signs of following her in siblings talented footsteps.

Sorry, but you can expect to hear more bragging from this proud grandma in the future.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is finally here!

After way too many weeks of rain and clouds, it feels so good to finally welcome summer to Oregon! I don't know how the rest of country is doing weather-wise, but it seems as if our winter and spring just didn't want to step back and let the sunshine in, as the Fifth Dimension song goes.

I'm hard at work on my new book -- the 5th in the Sarah Woolson historical mystery series, tentatively titled DEATH ON TELEGRAPH HILL. After a few rocky pages, it's finally rolling right along. Maybe all I needed was the sunshine.

Our daughter Karen just arrived from California for a visit, which is always great fun. If the weather holds, we may even drive over to the coast for the day. I'll keep you posted. I've been way behind on my blogging, but I promise to do better this summer.

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Talk to you again soon. I promise.