Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi all,

I want to congratulate David Heath of Taylorsville, Kentucky, for winning week three's $25 Amazon gift card in the DEATH ON TELEGRAPH HILL GIVEAWAY!

Tomorrow (Sunday, November11th) week four's winner will be chosen -- usually at the end of the day. So those of you who haven't already entered, you still have 24 hours to visit my website at: to sign up. Five more weekly winners are still to be awarded: each will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate. At the end of November, one lucky winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, so take a minute to visit my website and enter. It's free, easy, and you need only sign up once to be eligible for all the prizes!

Now to more mundane matters. My husband Bob and I packed our bags last Thursday, loaded up the car with cat Sasha, and dog Beau, and headed to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where we own a cabin. A storm front was coming in and a neighbor called us to say our cabin's heater was out, and feared our pipes might freeze due to expected low temperatures. I'm happy to say that we made it just in time to beat the storm -- in fact, it followed us into the Sierras. Today, Saturday, the temp is in the low teens, but the heater is now fixed, and we're finally able to poke our heads out from the electric blankets where we were hiding until the repairman could come out.

On that happy note, I turned on my computer only to discover that it had crashed!! Now most of you know that I'm not the most savvy of computer users, but after about four hours of fiddling, tearing at my hair, and uttering some distinctly unladylike words, I finally managed to at least get online. Now how am I able to do that, when my hard drive is down and according to Disk Utilities, cannot be repaired? I just don't understand this. Do any of you have a clue? (I own a MacBook Pro laptop computer, if that makes any difference). I guess I shouldn't really be complaining, though, since I can at least catch up on my email, etc. You don't realize how important that is until you're off-line for a few days!

Okay, I'm through grousing. The Oregon Ducks are playing Cal tonight at Berkeley, and I want to catch a quick bite to eat before it begins. (Our beloved Ducks are currently ranked #3 in the country. But Alabama lost today, so who knows where we'll be ranked tomorrow.) Thank God our TV is working!

Hope you all have a great Sunday, and GO DUCKS!!!


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