Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mystery books I've read lately and recommend

People are always asking me what mystery books I've read recently and which ones I would recommend. I've hesitated to list them because personal tastes differ so widely. On the other hand, with the understanding that this is just one person's opinion, I'll be happy to share my recent reading list with you. In fact, I think I'll make it a regular part of my blog.

Here are some of the books I've read over the past month:

P.D. James, "The Lighthouse"
Dean Koontz, "Forever Odd"
Charlaine Harris, "All Together Dead"
Laurell K. Hamilton, "The Harlequin"
Dick Francis, "The Edge"
Dean Koontz, "The Good Guy"
Diana Gabaldon, "Dragonfly in Amber"
Clive Cussler, "Trojan Odyssey"

A few of these were books my husband and I listened to on our iPod in the car, but I'd recommend all of them as pretty good choices.

I'd love it if some of you would add your own favorite reads to the list. I'm always on the lookout for new authors, and this is a great way to find them, by personal recommendation. Thanks!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Some recent book-signing/reading events.

It turns out I'm not a very faithful blogger. I've had more than one reader cite me for having way too little to say on my new blog -- which, I'm sure, would totally amaze my husband Bob who maintains I ALWAYS have something to say! Today, I actually have a little news to share with you.

I've been to 3 book-signing events over the past 2 weekends and they've all been a big success. Not only did I get to meet some fellow authors, but some very interesting readers, as well.

The first event was held at Bob's Beach Books in Lincoln, Oregon. They've started this summer to present an Authors' Fair once a month throughout June, July, August and September. They had tables and chairs set up in an outdoor court outside the store, and about 20 authors showed up to display their work and sign copies. Bob's Beach Books provided tea, coffee and cookies (of course I ate more than I should have), and a great time was had by all.

The second event held at Books Without Borders in Eugene, Oregon, was also fun. For one thing, the place reminded me of the Student Union at my old college, so I immediately felt at home. In fact, I longed to bring a book, make myself comfortable on one of the overstuffed couches and read to my heart's delight. The other writers on the panel covered the range from novelists to columnists, and we all took a few minutes to read something we'd recently had published. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to read the séance scene from my new release, THE CLIFF HOUSE STRANGLER. Another author read a couple of short pieces she'd written, and managed to do so in a "Tom Sawyer"/"Huck Finn" dialect. Really good!

This past Saturday, I was the guest at the Junction City, Oregon, library. (Actually it was held at Freedom Hall because the Junction City library is too small to hold all of us). What a great audience, and a very well organized event! I wore my Victorian costume (including black-lace reticule) which was a big hit. The ladies of the Library Guild served delicious cookies, tea, coffee, cocoa and a great variety of cookies. Sooooo yummy! (Again, I ate too many. At this rate I'm going to resemble a tank before I get through publicizing CLIFF HOUSE) I didn't hesitate a minute to say yes, when they asked me to return when the 4th book in the Sarah Woolson series comes out!

I can't say I'm sorry I have a few weeks off from the book-signing tour. I truly need some time to rest up and get back to work on my new Sarah Woolson mystery tentatively titled, TERROR ON RINCON HILL. I also have a very large pile of books I've been waiting a long time to read. In fact, I think I'll start adding the names of books I've read and loved to this blog. I know how much I enjoy hearing about new books from people who've actually read them. You can let me know what you think of this new addition!