Friday, March 14, 2008

Hard to get back in gear

It’s always hard to get back on track when I’ve been on the road. Bob and I spent a great two weeks in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, skiing, hanging out with family, and playing in the snow. Last Friday, we left Incline Village and drove to the Trinity Alps in California to visit a good friend. Talk about snow! Our friend is practically buried in the stuff. I did get some work done, but not a lot. It’s really hard to concentrate on writing when nature sits just outside your window in all its glory!

Our ride back to Eugene from the Trinity Alps was amazing. If less traveled roads over the mountains have been plowed, it’s faster and easier to take them to get home, rather than major highways that are well maintained but that take us miles out of our way. After Bob called road maintenance, he decided it would be safe to take the more direct route home, even though it’s mostly winding roads that are only two-lanes wide in most places. Well, these roads proved to be less traveled all right. We actually went 70 miles without seeing another car – either coming or going! That has to be a first. I guess most travelers decided to play it safe in case the roads hadn’t been plowed.

We arrived home to find two large bins of mail had collected at the post office, and more than 40 calls blinked on our answering machine. Very daunting. I figure it takes us at least a full day to unpack, go through the mail (for the most part junk), and listen to all the messages (again, most of it junk).

Then there were all the shows that taped on Replay TV while we were gone. Too many of them to watch the night we got home, but we did sneak in an episode of Monk. Always good for a laugh to help us unwind from a long trip. And it’s nice to look forward to the dozen or more other shows still waiting to be viewed. Lordy, what did we ever do before TiVo and Replay?

More after I’ve cleared a path to our bed and slept for at least 12 hours!


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