Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A show of hands

This was the headline in a special section of our newspaper this morning, a Labor Day headline saluting all the laborers that keep our country thriving. I found the accompanying essays so inspiring that I headed for the kitchen and actually spent the afternoon at the stove cooking, an activity I usually spend a lot of time trying to avoid. Several loaves of great smelling homemade bread and a hearty pot of minestrone soup later, I felt like I'd actually accomplished something. Not only had I astonished my husband, but I felt a part of -- as the newspaper put it -- "all those American hands dedicated to one idea: A job worth doing is worth doing well."

So, to all you laborers out there -- mechanics, carpenters, nurses, computer techs, farmers, millworkers, lumber workers, homemakers and yes, even writers, I salute you!!


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