Thursday, August 23, 2007


I've come to the conclusion that my life lacks organization. True organization, that is, not just the ability to toss half a dozen balls in the air and hope that I can keep them up there before gravity drops them all back onto my head.

I've decided that the problem comes from being born a Gemini. Geminis are commonly referred to as "the twins", meaning we are easily distracted and have a tendency to take off in two or three directions at any given time. We also tend to be a bit scattered and frequently bite off way more than we can chew. We almost always mean well -- proving that old saw that the road to you know where really is paved with good intentions -- and we usually possess more than our fair share of energy. In my case, at least, this excess energy just contributes to the illusion that no matter how many irons I have in the fire I can easily cope with them all -- which of course I can't.

What got me off on organization today, is the current state of my office. At the moment I have at least five or six projects going on at the same time. And I'm definitely NOT coping, much less coping with any degree of ease. My office is, in short, a disaster! My grown kids regularly send me newspaper and magazine articles on "How to get your life in order" and "A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind". Unfortunately, my mind is usually too cluttered to process the advice.

The only solution is to ruthlessly start ground-filing all those "vital" projects I've started over the past five years but never finished. Yup, tomorrow I'm going to give this room a thorough cleaning!! Unless, of course, I get sidetracked by something that looks like more fun. Now where did I put that Sudoku book Bob gave me last Christmas....?


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