Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Son's Cancun Wedding Was FANTASTIC!!

My husband Bob and I just returned from a fabulous 2-week vacation in Cancun, Mexico. The vacation was just an add-on, since the real purpose of the trip was to attend our son Chris' marriage to a beautiful young woman named -- yes, really -- Sarah. What a treat to meet Sarah's family! They'd traveled all the way from North Carolina and even London for the big day. Sarah's parents, John and Judy, along with Sarah's sisters and brother, Natalie, Virginia and Matthew, turned out to be great people who know how to have fun. It was such a joy seeing our two families come together.

We spent the first 9 days of the trip doing nothing but relaxing, which was a real first for me. Bob warned me that if I tried to take my computer he'd toss it into the first trash can at the airport. So, I went without it. Yikes! And I even survived. With no way to access the Internet, collect emails, or write on my new book, I actually was forced to lay back, read a good book, and even work on the silk shawl I was knitting to wear to the wedding. We took a day and drove out into the countryside to see some Mayan ruins, which were incredible, and then spent an evening aboard a fun pirate ship cruising to a small island for an outdoor dinner. The wind was really tossing the ship around that night, so believe me it tested our seaworthiness.

Since I find it impossible to find the words to describe the wedding, I've decided to post pictures instead. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here's four thousand of them. (To enlarge the pictures just click on them)

The top right-hand photo is of Bob and I posing with the bride and groom. They make a great looking couple, don't you think? Naturally I'm not the least bit biased!

Congratulations Chris and Sarah!!! We love you.


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