Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ready to start my book tour!

Bob and I arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area about an hour ago and were greeted by bright sunshine and clear skies! Since we've had days of rain in Oregon, it was a great welcome.

Tomorrow I start my book tour for SCANDAL ON RINCON HILL. Two book signings tomorrow -- the first one starts at noon, a lunch/talk/get together at Towne Center Bookstore in Pleasanton. Yes, a lunch, isn't that something? I'm really looking forward to it! Then tomorrow evening at 7:00, I'll be at Books Inc. in San Francisco, for a San Francisco Mystery Panel. Sounds like fun!

At one o'clock on Friday, I'll be visiting Book Passage in Corte Madera. Since I spent my senior year of high school at a Marin County school, I'm hoping for a good turn out. Then at 2:00 on Saturday, I'll be signing books and answering questions at a really fantastic bookstore -- especially if you're into whodunits, thrillers, or just great mysteries -- M is for Mystery in San Mateo. It's always great fun to visit Ed and his wonderful bookstore! He knows how to treat readers right, and writers, too!

Since I attended three schools in the SF Bay Area, and college at nearby San Jose State University, I'd love to see as many of my old school friends as possible! Come on, guys, show up and support me! It will be so fantastic to see you all! And I promise it will be fun.

Tune in to my Blog Page again tomorrow to find out how Thursday's book signings went. If nothing else, looks as if it's going to be a sunny, glorious day!!


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