Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I owe so many of you a HUGE apology! In the past I've been pretty honest about my lack of computer skills, but today I found out that I'm a whole lot worse than even I suspected!

When I went online to write this blog today, I discovered -- yes, believe it or not for the very first time -- that I had quite a few comments sitting in a little corner of this (to me very confusing) blogging website, all by themselves and waiting patiently for me to post them to the proper page. Some of them date back to over a year ago. Which also tells you how unfaithful I've been to my blogging chores -- and I want to apologize for that, too.

Anyway, I quickly added them all to the page (hopefully they got there safely without getting lost along the way -- and with me driving this "out of space car", who knows where they may end up?) And I really, truly promise this time that I will write at least one or two blogs every week! They may not be very long, but my intention is for you to get to know me better. And, I confess, to have friendly and hopefully loyal readers and friends I can blow off a little steam to.

Again, I am so very sorry that all of your comments got stuck in some internet black hole for so long. Please forgive me, and my lack of computer savvy, and write me again in the future. From now on I know where to look to find your comments. Each and every one of them WILL BE POSTED!!


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