Monday, March 22, 2010

A Beautiful Farewell

On Sunday, Bob and I attended the funeral of our son Mike's mother-in-law Beatrice Aceves in Sacramento, California. It was a long ride down from Eugene, Oregon, but we were determined to be there in order to say goodbye to a truly wonderful lady.

The funeral service was one of the most touching I've ever attended. Mike and Norma's four beautiful and talented older children -- our grandchildren Melissa, Vaneza, Danielle and Mikey -- played their violins, filling the church with music that seemed to come straight from the angels. When Melissa played the piano and Danielle sang a particularly poignant song for her late grandmother, I doubt if there was a dry eye in the entire, overflowing crowd.

After the funeral service and reception, Bob and I got back in our car and made the long, sad drive back to Eugene. But though we feel her loss keenly, we know in our hearts that Beatrice was with us all in spirit. I know that she heard the heavenly music played by her grandchildren, and felt the waves of love coming from her family and many friends. It was truly a celebration of a life well lived.

Goodbye, Beatrice. We're going to miss you!


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